Hunting Deer Bedding Areas During the November Rut

November 15, 2022
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During November’s cold mornings, hunting deer bedding areas can result in some great stories and successful hunts...

Across the nation, hunters often dedicate a lot of time to pursuing big bucks during November’s cold mornings. This time of year, hunting deer bedding areas can result in some great stories and successful hunts. Particularly in early to mid-November – i.e., peak rutting or “Chasing” time – the action can really pick up.

Here in Minnesota, shotgun season runs from Nov. 5-13, while bow hunting remains active through the end of the year. I’ve long felt late fall to be an excellent time for hunting tradition, spending time with the family in the stand, eating snacks, waiting for that record-setting buck to appear.

The month also makes me think of ideal ways to use deer bedding areas to ensure a successful hunt, so let’s take a closer look at my strategy and how it helped me last year.

Get Close to Deer Bedding & Transition Areas to Spot the Big Bucks

You may sit for days during November and not see a thing. Then, in a flash, everything can seem to happen at once. It turns out that getting close to deer bedding areas is a big part of this. Bucks cruise the downwind side of these places this time of year, looking for a hot doe.


These bucks tend to be more active in the daylight and it’s not unusual to see them on their feet in the middle of the day. Early to mid-November is perfect for all day sits, though be sure to also check out the transition zones between bedding areas. Typically, any small tree lines among sloughs, or the leeward (and roughly top third) side of hills are spots bucks tend to cruise.


Last Nov. 2, I set up in a tree between two main bedding areas on a pinch point of cover. With an hour of light remaining, I started doing some rattling to see if I could bring in some curious deer. About five minutes later, I saw a beautiful buck walking downwind of my setup … and I got him. My proximity to the bedding areas is really what made it all happen.


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