Social Media’s Effects on Hunting

August 07, 2020
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Hunting is a very important part of wildlife conservation. It also puts food on the dinner table for many families. Social media outlets...

Social media has changed and shaped many of our business endeavors, from giving a platform for multi-level-marketing programs to succeed to giving marketers for businesses big and small a way to reach a bigger and more targeted audience.  However, social media has also opened the door for “keyboard warriors,” critics and others to sound off and send any type of message they would like without any consequence. Both these good and bad traits are being experienced by hunters throughout the United States as well.

Hunting is a very important part of wildlife conservation. It also puts food on the dinner table for many families. Social media outlets like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have allowed hunters to showcase their accomplishments, share ideas and show their friends and family what they do in the field or in the woods.

“I like to share all of my hunting adventures. I have a lot of friends and family who don’t hunt, but they follow along with me through social media,” said Christine Schuette, hunter and Realtree UC Land Pro for United Country Real Estate | Ozarks Realty and Auction Group in Mountain Grove, MO. “But I know there are people who do get upset because there are people who will always be critical of everything you do and how you do it.”

While social media has given hunters a voice, many experienced hunters like Schuette say it’s important to be respectful to the large percent who don’t hunt. While you will want to display your accomplishments, there is still a conscience and respectful way to showcase the hunts you are posting online.

“I don’t feel the need to filter, but I am always respectful about what I post,” said Schuette. “We make sure a tongue isn’t hanging out or there isn’t a lot of blood or anything like that. I have many photos I won’t post because I never want to give people the wrong impression this is a blood sport.”

Social media can be a great place to create a positive conversation around hunting. Sharing things like the camaraderie, the number of people an animal can feed, how fun and exciting it is and how important hunting is to the environment can help start conversations and be educational to those not so thrilled about the idea. It’s important because, as Schuette mentions, people have a lot of misconceptions about hunters and their feelings towards animals.

“Conservation is hunting. We pay for wildlife conservation and we do feel something every single time we take an animal,” said Schuette. “We know we are feeding ourselves and we are keeping more deer from being hit on the roads. We do care a lot, but we are also the ones keeping the numbers in check.”

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