Marketing Solutions

Market Analysis

United Country Auction Services conducts a thorough market analysis so that we may apply our time and resources in a way that will have the greatest impact. The market analysis gives us a clear picture of the current market and potential buyers. It’s the foundation we use to effectively promote your property and to help ensure that you receive fair market value. At this stage, United Country Auction Services professionals will:

  • Conduct market comparable analysis.
  • Match your property to our extensive database of more than 23,000 listings.
  • Research demographics of potential buyers.
  • Create a market analysis report for you.

Marketing Plan Development

With a clear understanding of the market, United Country Auction Services will be ready to put together a plan that makes the most effective use of our powerful sales and promotional tools. We have more than 50 full-time staff members in our home office who are ready to put their industry-leading marketing, media buying and creative talents to work for you. Possible outlets for reaching buyers on a local, national and global level include:

  • Internet marketing on websites that are viewed more than 28,000 times per day
  • Custom website development for your property
  • Advertising in real estate publications that reach more than 90 million homes per week
  • Dedicated call center

Marketing Plan Implementation

Over the next several weeks, United Country Auction Services will carry out the marketing plan that will reach a broad audience of potential buyers and help generate enthusiasm for your property. Our ability to promote your property is unique and unmatched. Only United Country Auction Services offers you:

  • Inclusion within our national listings
  • Access to our exclusive client base of 300,000 buyers
  • The preeminent technology team in the industry
  • Our executive staff of proven industry leaders