January 17, 2020
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Tammy Tisland, owner/broker and auctioneer for United Country Real Estate | Bold North Realty & Auctions in Bemidji, Minn., is set to be the first woman ever to compete in the Greater Midwest Auctioneer Championship. The competition will take place on Saturday, January 18, at the Bagley Livestock Market just west of Bagley, Minn.

Tisland is an award-winning professional auctioneer who has been in the business for nearly 20 years. She is an International Auctioneer Champion and top-producing real estate agent across the state of Minnesota. She has conducted over 3,000 auctions including farm, equipment, land and related assets. She also has been recently hired at Bagley Livestock and Winger Livestock Markets, an auctioneering field that is heavily male dominated.

“I am a livestock auctioneer to bring awareness to the local livestock markets and to be of service to the producers. I want people to realize how vital it is to the local community,” said Tisland. “This is sometimes the one payday per year for area farmers. If there was no livestock market here, what would its absence do to the local economy? What would the future of farming be in the community? And where would those presently local dollars go? As an auctioneer, we play a vital part in those producers’ lives and we want to do the best we can for them and for our community.”

In the upcoming competition, Tisland and 25 other contestants from around the United States will compete in a preliminary round where each contestant will sell several drafts of cattle. The top 10 scoring contestants will move to the final selling round and the top three will be awarded prizes. A panel of five judges, all of whom have extensive backgrounds in the industry, will determine placement using a point system. All contestants must be auctioneers sponsored by a livestock market. Tisland said she is excited to compete and is looking forward to building great relationships with her fellow competitors.

“I’ve been an auctioneer in my community for 20 years, I’m not doing this for the trophies,” she said. “I’m doing this as another avenue to help my community and display my passion for the people in it. I work at being the best I can be and competitions are one avenue to help me get better at my craft.”

“Tammy Tisland is a special person, not to mention she is an outstanding auctioneer,” added Shawn Terrel, president of United Country Auction Services. “Her ability to engage others both on and off the podium is an inspiration and we are fortunate to work with her inside our company. United Country is comprised of hundreds of auctioneers across the U.S., each with their own special traits and characteristics. Tammy has found her niche in life and it becomes apparent when she grabs the microphone. We could not be more proud of her accomplishments.”

Contact Tisland to learn more about the upcoming competition at 218-766-9607 or tammy@ucboldnorth.com.