February 05, 2021
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What an unbelievable year. Two top teams hit a record GCI of $4 million for the first time in United Country history! Number three and four earned $3 million and every office in the prestigious United Country Top 10 made a mind-blowing $2 million or more!

1.     United Country Real Estate | Midwest Lifestyle Properties - Travis Hamele, Josh Genz and Team achieved a company record level GCI, over $4 million, and grew an awesome 34 percent off of the previous company record they set in 2019.

2.     UCRE | Southern States Realty- Scott Lindsey, Patrick Gibson and team achieved second place as they too took a huge year in 2019, were neck and neck for #1 down to the last few days and grew another 43 percent in 2020.

3.     UCRE | Missouri Land & Home and Commercial - Kurt Hollenberg and team more than doubled their strong volume and Top 10 performance last year!

4.     UCRE | Smith & Associates - Brad Smith and team and $3 million in commissions, growing over 30 percent.

5.     UCRE | Blue Ridge Land & Auction - Matt Gallimore and team took huge volume in 2019 and increased it through some very hard work and smart strategy 52 percent!

6.     UCRE | Lake Palestine Real Estate and The Staples Group - Dana Staples and the team from Lake Palestine and Tyler, Texas grew 32 percent over last year.

7.     UCRE |Ozarks Realty and Auction Group - Liz & John Citron, Riley Cain and Cody Weeks and team expanded an already huge sales base 37 percent and achieved the number 7 spot in the nation.

8.     UCRE | Columbia Realty & Auction - Melissa and Darrell Potts and team broke more than $2 million in $GCI, achieving the #8 spot and a whopping 46 percent growth!

9.     UCRE | Forbes Realty and Auctions - Jake Forbes and team exploded into the Top 10, reaching number 9 and nearly doubled their business, up 86 percent.

10.  UCRE | Lifestyle Properties of Maine - Peter McPhail, Phil McPhail and team grew their business over 50 percent to claim the 10th spot in the company.

Congratulations to the 2020 United Country Real Estate Top 10 Offices!  This group represents the top two percent in performance in our system and are amazing team players. Each execute smart business plans and strategies and have teams that support each other to reach higher goals and provide the best services to their clients. They help countless other agents and brokers in the nation and push all of us to higher levels constantly. On behalf of everyone in the United Country family, we congratulate them on their superior results and amazing achievements!