Experience, product knowledge and a range of service offerings are everything when conducting a successful auction. That’s why United Country Auction Services is such a clear choice.

By giving you access to a wealth of experience and knowledge unmatched within the industry, United Country Auction Services is uniquely qualified to meet your needs on a local and national level. Through our vast network and comprehensive services, we’re able to offer you a clear and simple path to success.

Real Estate Services

As part of the United Country Real Estate network, United Country Auction Services provides you with unparalleled expertise throughout the sales process.

Our capabilities include:

  • Auction marketing services
  • Strategic marketing-plan development and implementation
  • Website development and search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Lead generation and management
  • List of confidential buyer prospects
  • Access to new media and technology, including simulcast of online auctions and multi-parcel auction software
  • Warranty insurance for residential sales
  • Valuation services

Asset Sales

United Country Auction Services employs a wide variety of tools designed specifically to help you manage personal property or liquidate commercial property.

Our capabilities include:

  • Asset auction marketing
  • Strategic marketing-plan development and execution
  • Online auctions and cataloging
  • Asset liquidation and disposal
  • Website development and search engine optimization (SEO)

Additional Resources and Services

United Country Auction Services also provides added value to your overall experience by offering additional services.

These include:

  • A nationally recognized auctioneers training academy
  • A dedicated marketing call center
  • A national referral network
  • Education for investors, buyers and sellers