March 19, 2021
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Each year, United Country honors some of the most powerful and influential affiliates with the Rising Star, Stand Out and Chamberlain Awards. Congratulations to this year's winners!

Rising Star: Carly Bishop, Tanner Anderson and team in Malta, MT.

This talented team increased their first full year commissions (GCI) the most out of any UC network (over 200 percent). Carly and Tanner purchased a long-standing, top performing office and nearly tripled their sales in their first full year. Congratulations on this huge achievement.

Chamberlain Award: Carroll Bobo and team in Tyler, TX.

This award goes to the affiliate who best represents core values, integrity, leadership and dedication to United Country. For more than 20 years, Carroll and Mollie Bobo have supremely represented and played a critical role in building the UC program to what it is today. Most importantly, they embody the family culture that makes this company so unique and special. We salute them and thank them for their excellent representation of United Country over the years.

Stand Out Award: Johnny and Becky Horton and team in Longview, TX.

The affiliate who best engages UCRE home office executes company strategies to dramatically grow. Johnny and Becky send team members to UnitedPower!, attend Regional Training, attend online trainings, engage with their Business Consultant, regularly work with other Home Office support team members, promote the expansion of UCRE, network with other affiliates to do business, leverages UCRE marketing programs, strongly represent the brand to clients and so much more, which resulted in in them doubling their 2019 sales.

Genesis Award: Stacey Carnes and Payton Hamm in Elk City Oklahoma

The Genesis Award goes to an affiliate who most effectively leverages UC marketing and branding. Some of the greatest marketers in UC history have won this award. Stacey, Payton and team display elegance, professionalism and innovation in everything they do.